The sun has got his hat on

Finally! Some time to myself.….by that I mean Liam’s buggered off on a lads holiday so I can sit on my sofa in peace watching something other than golf or football. I thought I’d miss him but being able to starfish in bed and go for a wee without having to adjust the toilet seat is actually a luxury that I’m not wishing away. Sorry babes. 

”I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter”

It’s been a busy few weeks, hence the lack of posts but I’m back to update you all – I’ve decided to write about how my favourite season is shaping up so far…

No more ‘summer’s coming’ or ‘I cant wait for summer’ IT’S HERE! …No more cherry blossom pics either, Spring is out, summer is in. From the 10 times a day I check my weather app, the orange ball of beautiful-ness is here to stay by the looks of things too.

Photo 16-04-2018, 11 36 59

I am obsessed, this sun is giving me so much life right now!…Sleeping with the windows open, mid-week BBQ’s, light until super late, picnics in the park, beer gardens, not carrying a jacket ‘just in case’, watering my plants.…you name it, sad as it may be, I’m ridiculously happy at the return of S U M M E R and pimms season!

The high temps actually made an appearance at the end of April to be precise…I enjoyed a Sunday strolling around Notting Hill with my mama…then late night tapas and wine with pals in Covent Garden which felt dreamy… followed by the first BBQ of the season – the early ones are always the best…then wisteria appeared all over London and I completely lost it!  

The Bank Holiday weekend at the start of May was especially perfect though and needs blogging about.….We did a little tour of South East England – first we went to South-End in Essex, then to Epsom and then down to Rye and the Kent Downs (Liam obviously ecstatic at all the driving I made him do)

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 31 30.jpg

Again, the sunny climes made for super cute days out and lots of instagramable moments that made me v. happy 😊

Having a car in London means we can head out of the city easy peasy…which sometimes you just need to do to switch off. We both sit on trains for over an hour every day in the week and being from the north I crave trees and no sweaty rush hour Circle & District line tubes a lot!

I’d heard cute things about Rye and was told it was ‘my kind of place’ so we went on a road trip to explore. It had lots of little cobbled, hilly streets, a castle, sweet shops and a hotel called The Mermaid… so it was always going to a be a winner really! We wandered, ate brunch, sat in the sun, posed (me not Liam obvs) on people’s doorsteps, had lush ice cream then headed across to our Airbnb for the night.

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 31 59

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 32 02.jpg

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 32 18

Literally in the middle of nowhere down a country lane I’d found a little cottage with a stunning sun-trap of a garden. The owners lived adjacent in a huuuuge house but just let us crack on and chill out for the rest of the evening.Photo 07-05-2018, 08 44 37

We’d been told about the amazing Bluebells in the local fields so on the Monday we went off to explore and met some Alpacas en route too!

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 32 55 (1)

You can imagine my delight when we discovered acres and acres of Bluebells right…literally like a purple carpet! My pictures didn’t do them justice as to how beautiful they were. I love England for amazing sights like that sometimes. Literally in my element.

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 33 01

We called at a place called Bewl Water on the way back to London – a great stop inbetween the city and countryside – it was heaving of course but felt like a European city where everyone, including the dogs swim in the lake.

Since the Bank Holiday I’ve got my green fingers back and I’m all about making my little garden look pretty. It’s only small, but it’s very private and all our own so it makes me happy. I love nothing more than getting my kneeling mat, pink gardening gloves and compost out and getting stuck in so that when i open my curtains on a morning all I see is cuteness! 

I spent £50 on flowers and solar lamps last week to make it look colourful and beaut….you’re all welcome to come and sit on my uncomfy IKEA garden furniture whenever you wish 😊

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 33 43

…It’s been 30th birthday and hen party celebrations since then – It’s happening….both of mine edging that little bit closer!

It’s fine, 30 is a great age to be I’ve decided…living exactly as you did in your twenties, just with more common sense and more money to do it with….hopefully! Plus a solid group of besties by my side to enjoy it with.

Let’s not forget The Royal Wedding last weekend – It was EVERYTHING. I’m a Royalist, big time. I love them all, I don’t really get people who don’t…..

I think the Queen is marvellous, Prince Philip is hilarious, Princess Kate is perfection, George and Charlotte are adorable (yet to know Louis) William, I can take or leave but he is our future king after all… Prince Harry and Meghan, well, they’re now every goal that ever was.

We watched the wedding at a beautiful place called Belair House close to us after wedding dress shopping in the morning. I actually felt a little bit sorry for Meghan, getting out of that car and walking most of the aisle on her own, only having her mum sitting there virtually on her own too.…and I wonder how many guests she ACTUALLY knew? All felt a little bit lonely on her part. But, there’s no denying the simplicity and elegance of her whole look will be timeless from here on out. I have a feeling she will make a big difference in years to come. Plus she’s a feminist so she can do no wrong. Diana was my absolute idol so if she’s half of her I’ll remain a big fan and will be following her every move.

Photo 25-05-2018, 13 34 17

Finally, I spent yesterday working at the Chelsea Flower Show in London…another iconic, typically British event I can tick off! Despite the huge crowds, the rays of sunshine helped make all the gardens, flowers and people even, look stunning. The Yorkshire garden being my personal fave.

Photo 24-05-2018, 19 51 30

Photo 24-05-2018, 22 40 16

So that was just May. Here’s to more of the same – 3-ish months of British Summertime to go and I can’t bloody wait, already don’t want it to end.

”Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat”

Wedding dress search latest on the blog next…. xo  







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